Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Steady now...

Today is the Civic Day public holiday. I just finished a 4 hour ride, covering the outward and return journey to Lakeside and two loops of Lakeside. Over the weekend - on Saturday, we had what Coach Sheri calls the megaday. Drove to her parents' place in Grimsby, rode some hills in the Niagara area. I was the only one with 5.5 hours in the program but I had good company for the first 4.5 hours. Managed to cover just under 140kms, which is pretty good considering we did some pretty decent climbs with 10-15% slopes.

On Sunday, I did my final 3 hour run. I was a bit wary as the last time I did this, the top of my right foot flared up and as a precautionary measure I did not run the whole week after. Managed to cover 36.6km at a decent steady pace. My foot didn't swell up as badly as the last time. I've been icing it a few times daily, followed by a couple of minutes under hot water. It is making good recovery, thankfully. As I'm now less than 3 weeks away from Ironman Whistler, my priority is to get to the start line fit and healthy.

Li-Ann is away for a two week conference in Kingston, about 4 hours drive away. I dropped her off the train station yesterday. Being the wonderful wife she is, she cooked up big portions of ham and pork, which are now being stored in the fridge. All I have to do is cook up some rice and warm the meat up in the microwave. So my nutritional needs are well taken care of for the next two weeks.

This week's training program is marginally less at 17.5 hours. The following week is significantly less as it is officially the taper. Athlete's guide is up on the Ironman Whistler website. So is the bib list. I'm number 1227, somewhat similar to my Musselman number 1722, few weeks ago. Here are some short clips on the course I'll be racing. I'm getting excited!

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