Monday, 12 November 2012

Another big week

Four weeks to Ironman WA, it's so close I can almost smell it!

The week started with a 2 hour 15 minutes run on Tuesday along Mounts Bay road by the Swan River. I settled into my usual pace of 4:30 per km but again, it only lasted until halfway and I had to slow down about 10 seconds per km. I finished the run with clocking a distance of 29.5km, 500 meter short of my target. Still, happy with just logging in the miles and at least I did not die towards the end.

Wednesday I did 2 hours of riding in King's Park. The weather this week was much better than the last and I did not have to cross my fingers and toes hoping it will stay dry throughout my ride. In the afternoon I had a massage session with Nathan Doig. It's always painful but I felt much better after.

Thursday I was back in King's Park again but this time for a 75 minute run. I'm beginning to enjoy these undulating runs a lot more, attacking the climbs and just cruising on the descends. Clocked 16.6km with an average pace of 4:31 per km - my best effort this season.

Friday I did not have anything in the morning but I did some land exercises consisting of strength and resistance training. I try to do these at least once every 2 weeks as I think it is just as important, if not more, than just doing the long hours on the road. In the afternoon, I did another long swim set of 10 x 400m, averaging 1:35 per 100m.

For Saturday's long ride, I followed the BYL group down the Freeway. When I said followed I actually meant trying to keep up and that only lasted until we past the South Street exit. I got dropped and was riding solo up until Pinjarra Road. No matter, as we are not allowed to draft on race day anyway. I sent a text asking them to go ahead, they would have rode a bit longer to the servo. I started making my way back but it wasn't long until they caught up with me again. This time, I managed to stay on all the way home. 174.3km logged, just shy of the full 180km, in about 5.5 hours. Thanks for the ride guys! We had someone falling during the ride, luckily nothing broken and just some lost skin.

I started my Sunday 90 minute ride a bit late at 8.20am, as we had to drop an old mattress off at the recycling centre. Dennis Tan and the North Coasters were doing their open water swim practice at Sorrento Beach. I should have joined them rather than leaving my swim after my ride. With the howling wind and the choppy waters, I talked myself out of swimming solo. In the afternoon I ran for 2 hours 25 minutes. I started off with a 4:30 per km pace, managed to hold it for over 21kms. But the legs got tired, so I slowed down to 4:45 per km and in the end I finished with 31.8kms, 200m short than planned.

I guess I won't get too caught up in trying to hit targets in every session. My maximum weekly running mileage is about 20kms more than the last season. So it is almost impossible not to feel tired.

Celebratory dinner for this week's efforts with Li-Ann at the Hyde Park Hotel, North Perth. This is the mixed grill with rump steak, sausages, lamb chop and wagyu beef patties. The food was really good! But slightly let down by the less than friendly wait staff.

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