Sunday, 15 July 2012

Rocky start

My first week under the training program for Ironman WA got off to a rocky start. I did the Wally Cairns cross country run in King's Park last Sunday. The run consisted of 5km laps, I planned to 15km but decided to stop after 10km as my left achilles felt a bit tight.

It got worse after Tuesday's interval run session and I skipped most of my running sessions for the week. I visited Nathan Doig for a massage and boy, did he live up to his reputation! It hurt like hell and it was the only time I wished that a massage ended sooner. But it's a testament to his magic hands and I feel much better now.

I have a feeling what started the sore achilles was probably the cold weather. It takes ages for the muscles to warm up and I probably copped it in the run session on my first day back. Coming from a place of average mid 30 degrees to consistently sub 5 degrees temperatures on the morning must have shocked my system.

It was so cold that my Timex watch, which is only just over a year old gave up on me on one of my morning rides. I took it to the shop to have the battery changed and the screen came back to live but somehow frozen. The guy at the shop couldn't figure out why it was so and refused to refund my money. Anyway, I took it home and after removing the battery and placing it back in several times, it seemed to be working again. All except one button, which I can live without.

Yesterday, a friend of ours celebrated her birthday at Make Your Mark Art Cafe. Pottery painting - a great idea, all of us had fun! And I rekindled my love affair with my hobby during my teenage years - art. And dare I say, my art teacher will be proud ;)

Thanks Tasha for having us, and happy birthday!

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