Sunday, 11 September 2011

A few places...

...we went to for the past couple of weekends.

The Rosemount Hotel in North Perth, great food (especially the rump steak!), reasonable prices. Every main meal on the menu was under $25. Our only gripe was you could only eat outdoors, which is not smoke free.

Saigon Cafe in Northbridge, we normally have our Vietnamese at Dao Vien, next to my local tri shop Runners World. But as it was closed, we reluctantly went to Saigon, as the last time we were there, the food wasn't quite to our liking. But I'm glad we visited them again, as we enjoyed our meal very much this time. I guess sometimes, we need to give second chances.

Oh, and I've FINALLY got my car back. After patiently (yes, I think I have been pretty patient) waiting for 8 weeks. But you can be very sure I won't be renewing my insurance with AAMI next time!


galnexdor said...

that rump steak looks amazzziiinnnggggg

K3vski said...

Ya! Normally Li-Ann is not a big fan of steaks, but this time she happily finished it up hehe.