Sunday, 2 November 2008

118... and counting...

With less than 120 days to Langkawi Ironman... and having read the many blog posts of fellow Malaysian competitors clocking their long rides to Port Dickson, running up the slopes of Genting Highlands... I can't help feeling a bit uneasy with my preparation.

Am I doing enough?

At the moment, I have yet to run any further than 10km or ride any longer than 80km. Swimming is a non-issue as I easily clock about 10kms of swimming a week with my swim squad. Some may say that I swim too much, and I should probably do more of the other disciplines. My argument would be... I'll use swimming to maintain my fitness, and it's the lowest injury risk of the three! :)

But ya, with my low weekly mileage in running and cycling, I cannot help but self doubt. Which I shouldn't, as this is how I planned it. I would only start my long runs and rides after the Power Station Triathlon this coming weekend.

I'm pretty happy with my cycling averages for the past few weeks. I was able to clock between 28.5kph to 29kph for my 80km rides, and there was once I even broke 29kph - 29.1kph! (marginal, I know... but hey, still break it what...)

Running has been somewhat slower... been running my 10kms just under 44 minutes, when in the past, I used to be able to dip under 43 minutes with ease. But I won't panic too much. When it comes to the ironman, it is not how fast one can run the 10km... it is how long one can last the marathon - after the 3.8km swim and the 180km bike! So better not push it and risk getting an injury...

Powerman Malaysia is coming up. Looking forward to reading some race reports to keep myself motivated (and hopefully not freak out with their impressive times)!


yipwt said... cycling is not up to par yet. Gonna cycle more.

But dun worry lah...u can run so fast.

kev said...

Yip, I still need to work on my cycling too. Haven't done anything more than 100kms. Running... haven't practised running after doing a long 100+ km ride, not sure how my legs will feel then! But ya, not worrying, building up my training slowly, but surely ;)

Raymond said...

Im already freaking out by your impressive timing!
Waiting 4 u to come back to msia n start training with us Kev!

kev said...

Will do, Doc Ray. Will send you an e-mail to confirm the details of your group rides/runs.

My timing okay only lah. Enough to bring me to the finish line respectably.

Raymond said...

Enough to bring u to finishing line respectably?LOL...U r too humble Kev!
I was just cycling with Lian Meng the other day and we both talked bout your prowess in all 3 disciplines! both of us just kept yakking yakking bout your swim times yet can run so well!...then he bonked on the way back,I remindered him that when u back n join us for rides,we both prob will DNF the entire ride back! lol lol

kev said...

Remember cycling is my weakest leg? Don't worry lah, when I actually join you for rides, you would see how ordinary I am!