Sunday, 11 November 2007

Same old...

Power Station Triathlon... 1km swim, 30km bike, 6km run... held at Hamilton Hill, just south of Fremantle.

This race brought back some mixed memories from last year. I was badly stung by some unknown sea creature (apparently, it is not a jellyfish)... had a scar on my neck that lasted almost half a year. But it was also my first race with a trisuit... was pretty happy with my time.

So naturally, one would aim to improve this year...

I didn't get quite a good sleep the night before. Went to bed at 9.15pm but only fell asleep around 11pm. The fact that my neighbours were having a party and blasting their radio did not help either. Even after I got to sleep, I still woke up a few times, checking the clock. Sigh... raced at numerous events and I STILL get excited the night before.

Left at 6am to pick Li-Ann up. Got to race venue at about 6.30am after making several attempts to try to find the turn-in junction. Checked in my bike, collected race bib, did some stretches, listened to briefing etc.

There were more people here than at the duathlon two weeks ago. Say, about 200 participants.

The swim course was one straight route along the beach. My event was the longest of all the events on that day. So we had to walk all the way down the end of the beach. Darling was there to keep me company... :)

I look like a Ninja Turtle

I positioned myself towards the front, closest to the beach. The water was slightly under 20 degrees... so wetsuits were allowed (it would give these non-swimmers an unfair advantage... bleeargh...)

I swam behind someone's feet throughout (yes, my navigation is still quite poor). He was just the right pace. The water was cold in some parts... warm in other parts... don't ask me why! I felt some slight stinging around my left arm... but nothing major.

Out from the water... we had to run quite a bit on the sand. My body always feel slightly disoriented after the swim. Takes a while before it can get into run/bike mode. Fumbled a bit again with the race belt. Shoes are getting tight, took some time to slip them in. Good thing my new Asics Gel DS Trainer (which I haven't broken into yet) is one size bigger. So watch out for faster transitions, folks!

Don't know what my swim time was... as I don't like wearing a watch while I swim (paranoid that it might get spoiled... then, I can't time myself throughout the whole race!).

The bike course was 6 loops of 5km each. It was nice to have darling cheering at the end of each loop. There were some winds from certain direction but generally the route was flat. As usual, I get overtaken by HEAPS of cyclists on the bike.

I think that lady overtook me RIGHT after this pic was taken

Bike monitor showed 29.71km in 59.24... average 30.0kph (just right on target!)

Out on the run... 3 laps of 2km each... the weather was REALLY hot today... max of 36 degrees. I actually prefer hot weather... no runny nose, no numb toes.

Target was to do 27 minutes (4:30 per km)... but at the 1st turnaround point of my 1st lap, I clocked just under 5 minutes. I'd like to pick up the pace but was feeling a potential stitch on my left side... so I maintained the pace.

I think I'm overeating at these races. Nutrigrain in the morning... Powerbar Cookies N' Cream 40 minutes before race. Stomach felt a bit bloated... which AGAIN made me forgo having the Strawberry Banana Powergel. Maybe I should have some less creamy flavoured Powerbars next time... like Banana.

1st lap... came in at 9.41... I skipped the drinks station as 6km seemed like a short distance. And I wasn't feeling that thirsty... swallowed saliva at every 1km.

The turnaround at the 2nd lap showed 10 seconds faster than the 1st. I thought my running legs must be slowly kicking in... came in 9.32 at the end of the lap.

Last lap...wanted to make a dash... but felt some tightness developing around my left knee. So, decided to play it safe. The turnaround on the 3rd lap was the same time as my first. Made it home at 9.34 at the end of the lap... giving overall run time of 28:46. No finishing pictures, as my camera phone ran out of battery.

Prize giving... won't count my chances of any placings. But I did manage to win myself another lucky draw prize. Another grey Adidas water bottle.

Just got e-mailed the results... I clocked 1:43.52... about 8 seconds slower than last year. Haiya... should have sprinted the last few hundred metres. Positioned 7/12 in my age group category. For full results, go *here*.

So, by deduction... my swim time + transition is 15:42. I guess I can't complain... as these times are around my standard.


galnexdor said...

good job...u should've come for powerman and help me win lucky draw...Ryders glasses...5 pairs up for grabs...:)

kev said...

Even more congratulations to you! Well done!

Hahhah, is that all I'm good for? Winning lucky draws?

About half the people left already... and there were about 30 prizes to give away, so chances were quite high.

bola2api said...

sedap la that strawberry banana gel.. i like!

kev said...

Hehheh I like it too. But don't know lah, after having the Powerbar, throughout the whole race like perut buncit. Maybe next time should take Powergel instead of Powerbar. But cukup power ke?

Chan Jun Shen said...

howcome no compression tights???
good job man.. u pace yrself well..

K3vski said...

Thanks, Chan!

I think I haven't got my compression tights then.